Del Silencio - Music Ensemble

                         A little too abstract, a little too wise,
                          It is time for us to kiss the earth again.
                                           -Robinson Jeffers-        
Del Silencio, Tubular Bells.Del Silencio is an extraordinary music ensemble based in The Netherlands. The ensemble is formed by Ton Akkermans: gongs, singing bowls and tubular bells;
Oscar Cano: didgeridoo, piano;

 With this unique combination of instruments Del Silencio embraces diverse musical traditions coming from Tibet, aboriginal Australia and Europe. Due to the diverse origin of these instruments Del Silencio is a world music ensemble which combines diverse musical traditions. The uniqueness of Del Silencio lies in the acceptance of harmony and inner silence while marvelling and respecting the clashes of different sounds and their resulting possibilities.
"We believe that silence is the origin of sound. This belief allows us to sculpt new musical landscapes where sounds, overtones and vibrations merge into each other.
Inspiration, discipline and alert listening  guide our audiences through our structured improvisations. Our music has a contemplative nature akin to meditation, Zen music, sound healing, ambient music and deep relaxation".

Bass clarinet and kalimba
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